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Founders, please keep building!

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Before Growth is a weekly column about startups and their builders prior to product–market fit.

Every time I see a young founder transition to a VC role, I grow sad. I can’t help but wonder—how much experience could this person use to their advantage when building another startup? How greater their second or third act could be? Will they come back?

I also wonder why they decided to make the change. Was the startup struggle too much? Is it like retirement? Did they not like the experience? Was the new job a better fit? Did they go through so much only to discover they valued other things more?

And I consider my future, too. Would I feel the same way about whatever I choose to do next?

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Kamil Nicieja

I guess you can call me an optimist. I build products for fun—I’m a startup founder, author, and software engineer who’s worked with tech companies around the world.


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