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Here’s the stuff I’ve worked on over the years.

Professionally, I’ve built software for companies like Plane, which is part of Y Combinator, Cooleaf—accelerated by 500 Global—as well as big companies like Merck. Below, you’ll see what I’ve been up to on my own projects.

Before Growth

2023 · Newsletter · A weekly newsletter about startups and their builders before product–market fit. Become a member and I’ll bring you research on the top companies of the future before they even step out of their garages, every week.


2022 · App · Every week, Changepack delivers a brief update to you or your company, highlighting the progress and developments your team achieved in the past week, all powered by ChatGPT. It’s a great way to keep folks informed about new changes and features, ensuring everyone stays connected and up-to-date! Released as an open-source project.


2018 · Company · AI-powered analytics cloud for the real estate industry. VC-funded. I spearheaded the development of the minimum viable product with Ruby on Rails and architected the company’s big data infrastructure from the ground up. I also worked on developing neural networks for computer vision and time series forecasting for price prediction. I recruited and led a fully remote development team of eight people.

Specification by Example and Gherkin

2017 · Book · Writing Great Specifications is an example-rich tutorial that teaches you how to write good Gherkin specification documents that take advantage of the benefits of specification by example. Published by Manning.

The book teaches you how to capture executable software designs in Gherkin following the SBE method. Written for both developers and non-technical team members, this practical book starts with collecting individual feature stories and organizing them into a full, testable spec. You'll learn to choose the best scenarios, write them in a way that anyone can understand, and ensure they can be easily updated by anyone in management.


2012 · App · A platform that allowed users to guess the results of sports events, entirely for free and just for the fun of it. It embraced the social aspect, as the real joy came from engaging in the game alongside friends. You’d make a prediction on any sports event, and we’d let you know if you got it right, offering the chance to chat about it with your friends and our community.


2008 · App · A platform designed to aggregate content from various social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Built to allow users to unify their disparate online profiles into a single web identity within a single news feed.


2006 · Game · A turn-based browser MMORPG game set in a fantasy realm written in PHP and MySQL. It was developed using the Vallheru game engine, with modifications to speed and features. I was twelve when I created it. Released as an open-source project.