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Remember that both setbacks and wins are fleeting; maintaining perspective is key.

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Before Growth is a weekly column about startups and their builders prior to product–market fit.

If you take the VC route, your job as a founder is to grow big and grow fast. Thousands of customers. Billions in revenue. Or maybe you don’t want to go big fast, but still aim to bootstrap your own great company. Both options are fine.

Keeping that in mind, tell me—

  • Is one bad day really that bad?
  • Is one good day really that good?

I’ll be honest—every once in a while, I give the worst possible answers to the questions above. But setbacks are temporary and wins don’t last forever. From now on, this post will be my personal reminder to get myself back on track.

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Kamil Nicieja

I guess you can call me an optimist. I build products for fun—I’m a startup founder, author, and software engineer who’s worked with tech companies around the world.


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